My name is Marcelo Foss, you will find me in the web with the nickname marcelo.foss.rj or marcelofossrj or marcelofoss.

At the university I received a chemical engineer diploma, but my professional career evolved in IT. I have been working in the software development and ICT management as well as the process optimization arena for over 20 years. Over this time, I was able to help many companies in various industries: finance, publishing, consumers, health insurance and education.

The was created to archive programming recipes, snippets, reference cards and cheat sheets that I use. Later I realized that would be a nice place to also my thoughts and convictions about the art of creating software. Maybe I make some posts about it, but this is not the goal here.

Professionally, my focus is in leadership and creation of high-performance teams and high effective software solutions through Agile methods.

My background includes experience in software and product development, business and functional analysis, developing corporate ICT strategy, budget management, system architecture, project management, and team leadership (where I could lead local and distributed teams in Brazil, Belgium, Portugal and India).

I am passionate by Lean, Agile methodologies and software development processes. Using Agile approaches and methods like Scrum and LeSS for over 10 years, my passion about Agile principles comes from the possibility to deliver true client oriented effective solutions, and to maximize the productivity of teams by its continuous improvement approach. As an agile practitioner, I had the opportunity to wear the hat of Scrum Master, to actively disseminate Agile culture through the organizations, to help other teams to set up Scrum, as well conducted trainings about Scrum and Agile. I was also able to start using Executive Scrum in the Brazilian branch (Proteste), with the managers team to follow-up the strategic plan of the company.

I do also still enjoy developing enterprise class software, and the processes that support its development. Lately I am focusing mostly in Semantic Analysis and NLP (Natural Language Processing) in Python, as well as web scraping with Golang, but I still do not abandon the good old RoR.

If you want to contact me you can find me over LinkedIn at in/marcelofoss.

My other passions are photography and brewing.

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